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The MarketPlaceGuru has only one thought and one purpose in mind. To help YOU find EXACTLY what you want. A comprehensive index, immense in its magnitude, divided into an almost infinite amount of categories stands at your disposal. Just pick & click. Go on, try it…

About MarketPlaceGuru

Originally erected as a simple index consolidating numerous sites and offers from all over the online world, MarketPlaceGuru is now regularly visited by people on a daily basis, all of them just stopping by for a quick reference to somewhere else. But that’s Ok, we hold no grudges ;-)

As of today, MarketPlaceGuru collects pages and links, indexing them into categories so that you don’t have to search through endless pages to find what you are looking for. An index is always easier… (Just ask Yahoo!).

But seriously folks; MarketPlaceGuru is a real thing. There are people working in the background to maintain this immense index and keeping it up to date. Don’t believe us? Try it!